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Our Mission

Blueray XL's mission is to provide service professionals and home owners with more time and peace of mind, by making pool mainenance faster, predictable and maybe enjoyable.  We believe in multiplying benefits to consumers without necessarily multiplying prices, our mineral products provide VALUE by having multiple uses. Blueray XL Mineral Purifier-Clarifier is designed to minimize the stresses of pool maintenance, make pool maintenance easier while improving customer satisfaction and maximizing profits. 

In short, we believe that a happy pool man is a happy pool owner.  



Company Overview

Blueray XL, LLC. Was founded in 2013 in Orange, California.  Blueray XL's new

one-of-a-kind water enhancing technology was developed exclusively for the pool service industry.  We manufacture all of our products in-house in the U.S with high quality ingredients & materials.  Research and development has been done since 2008, upgrading this new pool technology. Our distribution market is based primarily in the U.S, supplying our innovative products through dealers and directly to the pool service professionals.