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We know that every pool is different and what works in many may not work in some.  Just contact us via our "contact" page and return Unit Cylinder or Booster Container within 30 days for a full refund.  Limit of 1 Unit or Booster Cash Back Guarantee per Customer.



Through our extensive research we have found out that when the pool water is "very old", meaning; it is highly saturated with solids, such as high TDS (without counting salt levels), Calcium Hardnness, excessive conditioner levels, , excessive foliage into pool or any other unknown variable happening in back yard.  When that happens water becomes non responsive to pool chemicals and becomes a constant struggle and recurrent problem pool.

We recommend professionally assessing or getting professional advice from your local pool service maintenance professional or pool supply store on whether pool water saturation is an issue and if draining and refilling with fresh water is recommended.


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Currently, we are offering Free shipping on all our orders. 


Please review our shipping information below.

"Ship Time" is the time the carrier takes to deliver your order. It does not include the time we take to process your order. All orders normally ship out within 0 to 2 business days. (Most Orders are Shipped SAME DAY if received before 12pm PMT). If there are any delays, you will be contacted.


We normally use USPS (United States Postal Service) First Class Mail and Priority Mail. However, we will at times use Fedex or UPS. The carrier is based on package size, weight, value, and destination. At this time, we do not accept requests for a specific carrier. It will be determined by the warehouse at the time of shipment.  (All shipments to PO Boxes will be USPS only.)


Expected transit times:

Expedited Delivery= 0-2 business days processing plus 1-3 business days delivery (Ship Time), Total: 1-5 business days

Blueray XL Safe & Pure Practices

Blueray Xl Only U.S made minerals and materials are used in all our products
ONLY U.S made minerals and materials are used in all our products.

We work with quality minerals and materials that are high quality & made in the U.S.
Low quality, high impurities and unsafe minerals, chemicals and materials are found in imported products from countries where production is not regulated and quality standards are low or non-existent.

Blueray XL - We manufacture our own Product in quality batche
We manufacture our own mineral clarifier units, boosters and ionizers in quality batches in the U.S.

We strive to maintain and improve the quality of the products we provide to pool professionals.

By making our own products in-house we eliminate problems and safety issues that come with producing products through low cost manufacturers abroad.

Blueray XL- We do not use Nickel
NO NICKEL is ever used in any of our products; Units, Booster and alloy cylinder coatings.
Blueray XL - We do not use plastic holders
NO PLASTIC holder PODS/CAGES are used with our Units & Ionizers.

By not using plastic PODS/CAGES to hold our ionizer cylinder we reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing crude oil based materials that end up polluting our environment and landfills.
By eliminating plastic holder POD/CAGE we eliminate POD CLOGGING by foliage and debris and  allow proper water flow through ionizer cylinder allowing more minerals to be re-ionized and increasing effectiveness.

Blueray XL all of our products are 100% recyclable
100% RECYCLABLE Metal Ionizer and Packaging.

Our Copper/Silver alloy cylinders are fully recyclable after their lifecycle of 1 year.

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